LUCARIS The passionate life
Asian traditions infused with Western modernity have inspired a new global culture in art, design, fashion, cuisine and wine. Lucaris, the crystal of modern Asia, celebrates the new Asian lifestyle of food and wine. The first time in Asia that crystal glasses are produced to offer an international quality, to enjoy a gastronomic and winning experience.

World class design

The design of wine glasses and accessories Lucaris is a collaborative achievement between Ocean Glass, Toyo Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat, a German designer awarded with multiple awards whose works appear in portfolios of many world-class brands.

Eastern experience meets western technology

Toyo-Sasaki Glass's glassmaking experience in Japan, Ocean Glass in Thailand and the most advanced glass technology in Germany combined has led to the creation of world-class quality glass: New crystal glass composition Lead-free, with a physical aesthetic comparable to conventional lead crystal Exceptional clarity and brightness, with additional strength and durability

Excellence in Design

The Lucaris glasses have been meticulously designed and made to the smallest details, to guarantee maximum functionality and aesthetic quality that evokes all the senses, satisfying the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals.

Outstanding in physical sensory

As evaluated by sommeliers, food service professionals and wine consumers, the Lucaris glasses are of the best physical quality: Lucaris' shape, thinness, smoothness and clarity are comparable to the glasses of the main European brands.

Best in sensory wine

Groups of food service professionals and wine enthusiasts, all rated the Lucaris glasses among the best, comparable to the glasses of the main European brands, by offering the best sensory wine: the aromas and flavors of the wine have been improved to create a perfect balance.



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